When a fur baby crosses that Rainbow Bridge to heaven it can be devastating for those they leave behind. The Rainbow Bridge is a place of eternal happiness for pets that have left this world behind. Knowing what to say to someone who just lost a beloved pet isn't always easy. We hope this collection of rainbow bridge quotes and wishes will inspire you to know just what to say and help that someone who just lost their pet through these times of grief.

When you give someone an Original Wishing Tree as a gift, use these quotes as inspiration to fill the little cards that you attach to it to express your heartfelt condolences.

Kind Words to Comfort People You Love Coping with Pet Loss 

  1. "The joy _____ brought to our lives will not be forgotten."
  2. "May time help you heal and bring you peace."
  3. "I am so sorry you lost your best friend."
  4. "This breaks my heart for you. I am so, so sorry."
  5. "To lose a true friend is never easy. Know that you’re in my thoughts."
  6. "[Pet’s Name] was so special and so lucky to have you to love him. Thinking of you."
  7. "[Pet’s name] will be greatly missed. Please accept our condolences."
  8. "I can’t imagine how much it hurts, and I’m wishing you comfort."
  9. "I was so sorry to hear about [Pet’s name]. I know how special he was to you."
  10. "He was such a lovely boy and a friend to everyone he met."
  11. "It’s hard to say goodbye to such a special companion. My thoughts are with you."
  12. "I’m here if you need comforting in this time of grief."
  13. "I know that he/she meant the world to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers during such a difficult time."
  14. "I am so terribly sorry for your loss."
  15. "He/She left a paw print size hole in our hearts."
  16. "May the wonderful memories you have sustain you through this terrible time."
  17. "May fond memories of your beloved [pet’s name] warm your heart always."
  18. "There is no paw too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."
  19. "I pray that in the midst of your sorrow you find comfort in all the joyful memories shared."
  20. "May loving memories ease your loss and bring you comfort."

Losing a loved pet is always hard. But we can take comfort in knowing that there is a place for them on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. A Rainbow Bridge Wishing Tree helps us keep them in our thoughts and close to our hearts for as long as we live.

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