The Perfect Gift

What is a Wishing Tree?

A Wishing Tree is an individual tree that is specially chosen and used as an object of wishes and offerings.  People would gather at these Wishing Trees to tie their deepest desires and heartfelt wishes to the branches of the Wishing Tree. 

It was said that the universe would hear these wishes and grant them.

Despite the traditions and rituals differing across the various cultures, universally Wishing Trees are seen as a symbol of hope and reconnecting with what matters most.

We liked the idea so much we thought it would be a gorgeous and thoughtful gift idea. 

A specially chosen illuminated Wishing Tree to tie your heartfelt wishes for the universe to hear and grant them, gifted to those who matter most in your life

From Celebrations to Sympathies

Our beautiful and symbolic Wishing Trees are the perfect unique and thoughtful gift idea for all of life’s significant moments.

Each Wishing Tree is intentionally created for the occasion, with specially decorarted clips and cards perfectly suited to every occasion.

A memorable and heartfelt gift idea, designed for you to share with the most important people in your life.

Your answer to ‘I don’t know what to buy’

You need a gift that will impress but that is not tacky or "off the shelf" or “throw away”.

You want to make this occasion memorable and need something that is thoughtful and simple.

You will be sure to impress, as you’re almost guaranteed to be the first to gift a Wishing Tree: it’s a unique, heartfelt gift that will be treasured forever

The Symbolic Tree of Life

The idea of a specially chosen tree possessing magical qualities, is both fascinating and amazing.

Even more intriguing is that this phenomenon is noted in so many cultures around the world. Places unconnected by land, language and culture all note these mysterious Wishing Trees in their respective history books.

We wanted to re-create the symbolic rituals and ancient practices, of attaching heartfelt wishes to the Wishing Tree.

In doing so, calling on the universe to hear the wishes & grant them.

Our Wishing Trees are a unique, simple & memorable way to bestow your best wishes;

for the moments that matter, to the people who matter the most.