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Wishing Tree Kit

What is included in each Wishing Tree Kit?

When you purchase a Wishing Tree Kit, you get the illuminated Wishing Tree (obviously) as well as USB power cord, 10 x handmade clips, 10 x cards, 2 x organza pouches and a pen.

This is everything you need.

If you prefer not to use the USB cord you will only need to supply 3 x AA batteries.

How many cards and clips are included with my Wishing Tree?

You get 10 x handmade clips and 10 x cards with each Wishing Tree.

We include 10 to cater for gifts from small groups or family and also because we also know mistakes can happen and you might appreciate some spares… just in case.

The extra clips can be used to customise your tree with photos, gift cards, scratchies whatever you want.

Go nuts… personalise your Wishing Tree as you like.

When I get my Wishing Tree, what do i need to do?

The branches will need pushing down and gently bending into a shape your happy with.

Take care and be gentle while reshaping the your Wishing Tree, please remember it is delicate.

In terms of ideal shape, there is no right or wrong when it comes to shaping your Wishing Tree, whatever looks right to you.

Once you have the perfect shape, you will want to write on the cards.

Once you have written your messages on the cards, attach them to the Wishing Tree using the clips provided.

You power your Wishing tree with the provided USB cord or insert 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Now it is all lit up, decorated and looking beautiful, your all done and ready to share your gift and blow their mind 😊

Do I need to attach all the cards and pouches to my Wishing Tree?

No, you can decorate the Wishing Tree as fully or as simply as you like.

Some people might have lot's to say and will use all the provided cards, others will only need a card or two. It’s yours to decorate however your heart pleases.

Don't forget you can attach special photos and the organza pouches too.


How is the Wishing Tree powered?

Your Wishing Tree can be powered by the USB cord (provided) OR 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Please note the USB Power Cord will not work if you have inserted the 3 x AA Batteries.

Please just use EITHER power source on it's own.

How do I shape my Wishing Tree?

All the branches are bendable (not the trunk just the branches).

Slowly bend and guide the branches and leaves into the shape you desire.

Take care when bending them, as they are delicate.

What are the Wishing Tree dimensions?

When fully shaped each Wishing Tree is approx 48cm tall and 44cm across.

Given the Wishing Tree can be bent and moulded into whatever shape you prefer, these dimensions are a guide only.

These dimensions reflect when the Wishing Tree is shaped into it's fullest/ roundest form.

Shipping and Tracking

How much does shipping cost?

We offer FREE Standard Shipping for all orders shipped within Australia, and to New Zealand and the USA.

Do you offer Express Shipping?

We do offer $10 Express Shipping for orders within Australia that are time sensitive.

Unfortunately, we can't offer Express Shipping Internationally.

When will I receive my Wishing Tree?

It is our intention to get your Wishing Tree to you, as soon as possible.

We pack and ship all orders within 1 business day.

The courier picks up from us, Monday to Friday, but not weekends.

How soon will I receive my Wishing Tree?

COVID-19 is causing delivery chaos for everyone, and we are not unique in this situation, so whilst we will promptly prepare and send your Wishing Tree once it leaves us, the delivery timeframes are out of our hands somewhat.

We can ensure that your order will be packed and prepared on time, and that we will keep you updated on the status of your order along the way.


My Wishing tree is not turning on?

We test every single Wishing Tree (EVERY SINGLE ONE - WE PROMISE) before they leave our warehouse.

If your Wishing Tree is not turning on here are some possible causes.....

- Are you pressing the ON/OFF sensor touch button (with your finger), on the top of the Wishing Tree base?

- Have you inserted the provided USB Cord OR 3 x AA batteries (not included)? (NOT BOTH- your Wishing Tree will not power on if both power sources are used at the same time)

- Do you have BOTH the USB cord and batteries in? -Please remove either, as it will not work with both plugged in.

- Have you tried fresh batteries ?

Otherwise have a look at our Returns Policy for what to do next?


Is there a warranty on the Wishing Tree?

Each Wishing Tree comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Assuming the Wishing Tree has not been willfully damaged, should you have any issues you can reach out to us to begin a warranty claim.


I have a special event coming up but you don't have the right tree to celebrate it...

Get in contact with us via the CONTACT page and let us know what you need.

We are a crafty bunch and would love to help with a custom order.

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