Welcoming a new little human into the world is an incredibly special occasion. It's only natural that you want to send your best wishes to the new parents. But why not add a little fun and do it in a way that will make them smile? These fabulous one-liners will be ideal on a card – or even better on a Wishing Tree!

13 Fun And Loving New Born Baby Wishes

  1. "Don’t worry. It gets easier after the first 18 years."
  2. "Hello, sweet baby days… Bye-bye, big nights out!"
  3. "What a lucky baby, to be born into a family so full of love."
  4. "See? I knew she’d be adorable."
  5. “Congrats! Your baby is cuter than the other babies.”
  6. “You made a tiny human. Congratulations!”
  7. “Sleep is overrated, babies are not. Congratulations!”
  8. “Congratulations on your new baby! We can do something fun together in 18 years.” 
  9. “Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare. Have fun and congrats!”
  10. “Goodbye tummy – hello mummy!”
  11. "Welcome, sweet baby!"
  12. "Celebrating with you as you welcome this little one into your lives and hearts."
  13. "Here’s to all the wonder that’s coming your way. Congratulations!"

An Original New Born Baby Gift

No doubt the new parents will have been showered with all the essentials the baby needs. But you are looking for a unique gift that they will remember and cherish for years to come, and one that is practical too.

A New Born Wishing Tree is a heartfelt gift, that not only looks beautiful in the baby's nursery, but also does double duty as a soft night light in the nursery. It's a complete kit that comes with everything you need included. You simply write your thoughtful messages on the gorgeous cards and attach them to the illuminated Wishing Tree with the clips provided. It's a unique gift idea that's flexible enough to be gifted from just you, or the whole family or group.  

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