Wishing Trees date as far back as the 1700s, and have been noted in many different cultures all around the world. Places unconnected by land, language, or culture, they all shared a belief that specially chosen tree's could bestow wishes on the bearer.

Although the specific rituals differ from one culture to the next, the commonality across these cultures is that Wishing Trees represent hope.

Far more than being purely ornamental, it is believed that if heartfelt wishes and blessings are tied to the branches of a Wishing Tree, the universe will hear these messages and will grant them.

Origins of The Original Wishing Tree

We wanted to the take the rituals expressed through the various Wishing Tree traditions and offer a unique and memorable way to bestow your best wishes for the special people in your life.

What is a Wishing Tree? Wishing Tree Explained

A Wishing Tree is a beautiful gift idea for many special occasions and are sure to delight. 

Have you ever gifted or received a Wishing Tree? We'd love to hear your story. Let us know in the comments below!

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