Isn't it interesting that the tradition of Wishing Trees exists in so many different cultures that are completely unconnected?

And why is a Wishing Tree, a tree and not a Wishing Rock? 

Perhaps it is because the tree is a universal symbol of life, strength, wisdom, and longevity. Many people throughout the centuries have believed trees to possess magical and spiritual properties, while others have honoured them simply for the wonderful earth-heroes they are.

Above all, trees know how to adapt to this world, and survive, all the while making everything near them flourish and thrive.

A tree supports LIFE... they not only produce our food and shade, but also facilitate our ability to breathe. It is not called the TREE OF LIFE for no reason.

What you may not realise is that each part of a tree symbolises a different element of life.

Trees Symbolise Many Things

  • The roots symbolise the connection back down to mother earth
  • The trunk symbolises strength and stability
  • The branches symbolise growth 
  • The leaves symbolise protection
  • The fruits symbolise birth

It is for these reasons, we wanted to create a range of Wishing Tree's that could be gifted to honour all of life's big moments.

With so many gift options out there, it can be quite challenging to find a gift that is truly unique, as well as heartfelt and memorable.

Check out these 11 special occasions where a Wishing Tree will be the perfect gift idea.

If you are in search of something special to give to your nearest and dearest, a Wishing Tree could be just what you're looking for!

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