With so many gift options out there, it can be challenging to find a gift that is truly unique, heartfelt and memorable. If you are in search of something special to give to your nearest and dearest, a Wishing Tree could be just what you're looking for! In this post, we share 3 reasons why a Wishing Tree should be at the top of your list of gifts, no matter the occasion.

1. It's Incredibly Unique

There's a good chance your loved ones will have never received a Wishing Tree before. It's not something that is widely available and at the top of people's minds when looking for unique gift ideas or special occasion gifts. Hence, when you gift a Wishing Tree, you will likely be the first person in their life to give them such a special and unique gift.

2. Wishing Trees are Highly Customisable

Decorate your Wishing Tree gift however you like. Clip your notes, photos, gift cards, and other decorations to make it uniquely yours. Make it funny, personal, or deep and meaningful, depending on the person and occasion it is for. It's beautiful to gift on your own or as a group, making it even more special. There really is no other gift that's so unique and personal as The Original Wishing Tree.

3. It's Simply an Unforgettable Gift

Let's be honest. Chocolates get eaten and flowers wilt away after just a few days. A Wishing Tree is a beautiful memento of your special occasion. Here's what one of our customers had to say about their Anniversary Wishing Tree in an online review they left on Google:

I got my wife the Anniversary Wishing Tree and she absolutely loved it! I took the risk to get this instead of flowers and it was SO worth it. The product is so unique and you can write personal messages, and clip photos to it if you have them. Everything you need comes in the box and it is so easy to shape and put together yourself. In just 2 weeks, the Wishing Tree has gone from being a fun little anniversary gift to being a permanent fixture in our home. If you are celebrating a milestone/any occasion, these are the perfect gift. ~ Nick Hadley

If we have sparked your interest and you would like to make your next gift a truly memorable one, have a browse through our online shop to find the perfect Wishing Tree for any occasion. Take the occasion as an opportunity to show your love and support. Make them feel special. And above all, make it unforgettable!

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The Original Wishing Tree said:

Hi Jessica, thank you for leaving a comment. That’s so wonderful to hear and we are glad you are enjoying your anniversary wishing tree. Please consider leaving us a review on Google to help spread the word about our Wishing Trees.
Warm regards,
Kate – The Original Wishing Tree

Jessica Tao said:

I got a wishing tree for our last anniversary and I loved it so much! The little notes made it super special and personal, and the tree is now standing in our kitchen, so we look at it every day. Thanks for creating such a beautiful gift. :)

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