Cancer is a devastating diagnosis, and even more so when it's a friend or loved one who is affected. The prospect of losing someone close to us can be incredibly stressful. If you are going through a range of emotions upon learning the news, remember that your friend likely feels a lot worse themselves. 

When a loved one is going through such a major health struggle, it's only natural to want to be supportive in any way possible. However, we need to respect their personal boundaries as they navigate a major change in their life. Sometimes the best thing we can do is send them a thoughtful handwritten note in a get-well card. 

Find yourself at a loss of words? Don't worry. We have compiled this handy list of positive quotes and inspiring messages that you can use on your get-well card for cancer patients. 

Short Encouraging Messages For Cancer Patients To Show That You Care

  1. I wish you much love and strength
  2. You are so strong. You can do this
  3. Never, never, never give up. Stay strong
  4. We are all here for you. Every step of the way
  5. Your fight is our fight. We are with you
  6. We'll get through this together. You're not alone
  7. You are so loved, don't ever forget that
  8. You don't have to go through this alone, we are with you, always.
  9. You are a source of inspiration to me even as you face this challenge
  10. The only thing I know more stubborn than cancer is you. It's one of your best qualities, and it's your secret weapon
  11. You have so many people who love you, and are praying for you.
  12. Wishing you love and strength during this difficult time
  13. Here’s to you – steadier, stronger and better every day
  14. You’re in everyone’s thoughts during this tough time
  15. I know how strong you are and how you’ll beat this like everything else
  16. I know you can beat this and I’ll be right there by your side as you do. Stay strong and get well soon
  17. You won’t have to fight this alone. Your family and friends will be here to help you through.

We understand that sometimes a card just isn't enough to express how you really feel. Well-meaning cards get thrown away or lost in piles of paperwork. Flowers wilt and die. That's why we have created The Original Wishing Tree, a unique and heartfelt gift that will be remembered for a very long time. A Wishing Tree is perfect for sharing messages of inspiration and support during cancer treatment and recovery.

Simply write your personal messages on the blank ribbon cards and attach them with the “Never Give Up” clips. Everything you need is included in the Cancer Wishing Tree gift kit.

Personalise your Wishing Tree by adding some special photos, to really make it amazing and unique to the recipient. The Wishing Tree is light and portable and fits perfectly on a bedside table. The soft lights create a sense of tranquillity, and your messages will be a great source of inspiration, reassurance and moral support for the tough times ahead.

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