Finding a truly unique gift that stands out and will be remembered can be difficult, but with a wishing tree, it's easy to impress anyone who appreciates a thoughtful, heartfelt gesture. 

At The Original Wishing Tree, we are passionate about our trees for many reasons. Here are 10 benefits of giving a wishing tree as a special gift to someone you love.

1. Wishing Trees Are a Special Symbol

A Wishing Tree is a unique gift that represents more than just the physical object. It can be a symbol for hope, love, or simply to express your gratitude. 

2. They Are a Better Alternative to Common Gifts

Wishing Trees are a great alternative to chocolates, greeting cards or flowers. Chocolates get eaten, greeting cards easily vanish in piles of paperwork and flowers quickly wilt away. A Wishing Tree is much more meaningful, purposeful & practical than short-lived ‘throwaway’ gifts.

3. It Comes as a Complete Kit

Usually, when you are looking for something truly creative and unique, it involves quite a bit of work and effort. When you choose a Wishing Tree as a gift, you are choosing the convenience of having everything you need to prepare and gift your wishing tree to the receiver. From the tree itself to cards, to clips that perfectly match the occasion, we have included absolutely everything for you. Creating a unique gift has never been easier!

4. Wishing Trees Are Made With Love

Your Wishing Tree is carefully assembled with unique and handmade cards and clips. Every card you write carries a unique thought filled with love and good intentions. There aren't many gifts that are as loving and kind as the unique Wishing Tree you create.

5. When Giving a Wishing Tree, You Create Magical Moments

Wishing Trees form a connection between present-day and ancient cultures all over the world. We capture that cosmic commonality in an individual gift that is bestowed with the magic associated with wishing trees. Giving a Wishing Tree is special and turns any occasion into a magical moment.

6. Giving a Wishing Tree is a Very Intentional Act of Kindness

Each tree and the set of cards that come with it are specially designed for an occasion. It is perfectly suited to your intended moment. There is something really special about putting good intentions on paper to give to someone.

Looking for some inspiration to fill your cards with? Try these loving Mother's Day quotes to decorate your wishing tree with on Mother's Day.

7. It's a Unique Gift Idea

You’re almost guaranteed to be the first to gift a Wishing Tree! It’s a special standout moment for everyone involved and a gift that will be remembered and cherished for many, many years. If you are looking for something truly unique, a Wishing Tree is a great gift idea! 

8. The Original Wishing Tree Has a Very Practical Design

Small, light and conveniently charged via a USB chord, our Wishing Trees also act as a beautiful night light in any room of your home. When lid up, it makes your beautifully written wishing cards even more special and adds more meaning to it. 

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9. It's a Heart-Felt Gift

We all know that it’s the thought that counts, and when giving a Wishing Tree, your thought itself is the gift! It’s a surprise and delight moment that comes from the heart... from ours to yours, to your receivers. Heart-felt thoughts written down never go out of fashion, and make your gift a truly timeless one.

10. Create a Beautiful And Positive Experience

Giving a Wishing Tree is a wonderful experience for both the gift giver and the receiver. It's a moment that will be remembered for a long time and the Wishing Tree itself is a constant reminder of that special moment. Giving a Wishing Tree creates a beautiful bond between the thoughtful giver and the receiver.

We do our best here at The Original Wishing Tree to ensure we’ve thought of everything to make the product and process as simple and easy as possible. When you trust us with your special occasion, you can trust our dedication to bringing joy to you and your loved ones, in every step of the way.

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